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Faq pour l’Assurance Santé

01 Jan 2016

FAQ FOR RESIDENCY HEALTH INSURANCE   What is the requirement for Health Insurance for living in Turkey? Effectively January 1, 2012 foreigners who would like to stay more than 90 days in Turkey have to get Compulsory Health insurance to get the residency permit. What does the Mandatory He... » Lire la suite

Faq pour Obligatoire Assurance Tremblement de Terre

01 Jan 2016

1. What is DASK? DASK is Turkish Natural Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) http://www.tcip.gov.tr/#. More commonly, it is known as the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance. 2. Can I have one Comprehensive Housing insurance policy including DASK conditions? No. Compulsory Earth Quake Insuran... » Lire la suite